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Get to know... Dr. LeWinn's

The best bridal beauty looks always start with a base of luminous, healthy skin. There’s no doubt that the excitement of getting married to the love of your life will inspire a glow like no other BUT taking good care of your skin before your big day is the only way to ensure you’ll look your best. Being vigilant with your daily routine is essential, but stress and pre-wedding mania will likely mean that your skin could do with a little extra TLC.

Weddings are expensive, but looking your best is a must, so finding the most effective, wallet-friendly products will be your bridal beauty holy grail. Skincare and beauty brands definitely get better with age and experience and in Australia, we can’t look past Dr. LeWinn’s. Tried, tested and loved by Australian women for over 25 years, Dr. LeWinn’s are a leader in developing skincare solutions that deliver real results for women with skin concerns of all ages. Modern Wedding gets to know Dr. LeWinn's and asks all the important questions.

MW: Who is Dr. LeWinn?

Dr. LeWinn was one of the most respected plastic surgeons in the United States and founded the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Philadelphia, the Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Hershey Medical Centre Pennsylvania and the Director of Plastic Surgery Institute, Palm Springs USA.

MW: Where did the Dr. LeWinn's skincare line come from?

The brand was borne out of a demand from Dr. LeWinn’s clients who wanted recommendations on how to improve their skin. His passion for helping every woman reveal her natural beauty led to the development of his own skincare range capable of delivering remarkable results against the visible signs of ageing.

MW: What makes it different from other skincare brands?

Dr. LeWinn’s skincare is about quality and understanding women’s needs and to ensure that their products deliver real results.. Being the #1 Cosmeceutical skin care brand, Dr. LeWinn’s is focused to ensure the products contain the most advanced ingredients and innovations available today. That’s why so many Dr. LeWinn’s products are often the first to contain ingredients that the others can only follow.

MW: Do Dr. Lewinn’s Products Work?

Australian women have being using Dr. LeWinn's for over 25 years and their continued industry presence reflects their products success. Dr. LeWinn’s have won numerous beauty awards in Australia, most recently the Beauty Heaven Best in Beauty 2015 award for the iconic Private Formula Day Cream Moisturiser, as well as Prix de Marie Claire runner up for the Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream.

MW: What can Dr. LeWinn’s do for brides?

Dr. LeWinn’s philosophy is that their innovative products will always be accessible to all women and that their products support all anti-ageing skin concerns from line smoothing, firming, dryness, skin cell renewal, age prevention as well as, re-surfacing and are easily available at stockists across Australia at an affordable price. With the Dr. LeWinn's Reversaderm range, brides can have a salon-like, 5 step quality treatment at home, at an affordable price which won't add any financial stress but will ensure picture perfect glowing skin.

Dr. LeWinn's are also giving brides the chance to get the ultimate bridal glow thanks to Reversaderm! Simply create a wedding inspiration board on Pinterest with #reversaderm in the title, and use the hashtag #mybigday to go into the draw to win a beauty consultation with Dr. LeWinn’s skincare specialist, as well as the full Reversaderm collection for your entire bridal party! Ten runners up will receive a 2-week starter pack (one cycle of treatment). So go on, make those pins count and be on your way to your best big day skin with Dr. LeWinn's!

Purchase Reversaderm here! Please read the full terms and conditions here.

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The road to married is a happy but hectic one, and the last thing any bride wants is to look any less than luminous on her wedding day because of it. Following a solid skincare regime in the lead up to your big day is essential but there are also lots of extra steps that brides should take to achieve their most perfect glow. We're always on the lookout for new products that we think brides will love, and when when we heard about Dr. LeWinn's Reversaderm Glycolic Re-surfacing Treatment we got excited!!

Firstly, it's made by one of Australia's most credible skincare brands, Dr. LeWinn's, and we know that a bride's skin should only ever be in the hands of the most trusted. We also love that the kit provides brides with an alternative to expensive salon treatments like microdermabrasion. Very important for brides on a budget!

So what is it?

Dr. LeWinn's Reversaderm is a Glycolic Re-surfacing Treatment designed to visibly transform dull and damaged skin. The 5-step program is used over a 2-week period and helps reduce the appearance of acne scars, enlarged pores, fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. The cleanser, peel, serum, regenerative cream and mask all contain a variety of potent and highly effective ingredients (backed by Dr. LeWinn's extensive research) that work together to help reveal fresh, beautiful skin. Sounds like magic right?

We needed to put this product to the test and who better to test it than a bride-to-be and her doting mother!? We reached out to Lauren, who is getting married next February and her beautiful mother Sharyn and asked them to give the product a try for two weeks. We brought the dazzling duo in for a mother-daughter photo shoot and spoke to them about their big day and their experience with Reversaderm. Check out our video to see what they thought!

After using Reversaderm for just 2 weeks, Lauren and Sharyn absolutely glowed! We're thrilled to hear that they found the product easy to use and that they would keep using it too. With continued use and the excitement of the wedding day, we're sure that they will look even more radiant! Check out all the beautiful images from our shoot and read on for details on how you can WIN with Reversaderm below!

Dr. LeWinn's Reversaderm are giving brides the chance to win their way to their freshest face by simply creating a wedding inspiration board on Pinterest! Just make sure #Reversaderm is in the pinboard title, and use the hashtag #mybigday to go into the draw to win a beauty consultation with a Dr. LeWinn’s skincare specialist, as well as the full Reversaderm collection for your entire bridal party! Ten runners up will receive a 2-week starter set (one cycle of treatment). So go on, make those pins count and be on your way to your best big day skin with Dr. LeWinn's!

To try Reversaderm ASAP purchase it here! For full terms and conditions of the competition see here.

MW x

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Nothing is more luminous than a bride on her wedding day. The excitement of a wedding and marrying the man of your dreams is enough to make any woman shine from the inside out. But to look your absolute glowing best, there are things you can do on the road to your wedding day which can help. We share our tips for what brides should do and when to get their wedding glow on!


Whether you've just gotten engaged or you've been well on the road to your dream wedding,  four to six month prior to the big day is a good time to start thinking about what you want to look like and how you're going to get there.

  • If you haven't done so yet, now is the time to start looking for bridal beauty look. Create a mood board with magazine clippings of your favourite looks or start your big day pinboard and scour the internet for inspiration.

  • Take a really good look at your skin and get ready to tackle any major skin concerns head on! Fine lines, acne, scarring, redness... now is the time to start a skin regimen to minimise these blemishes. If you can, head to a dermatologist and ask about their recommendations for treatment or do lots of your own reading and research to see what products can help you. We find it really helpful to read reviews from people who have tried and tested the product and remember, always read the instructions and do a patch test to make sure the product won't irritate you! Once you've got your plan sorted, start as soon as you can to give yourself plenty of time to see the products work!

  • Set your hair length goal. If you've got an idea of how you want your hair styled for your big day talk to your salon about what length is needed to get that style. It's important to start thinking about this now so that you can start growing your hair if you need to. If you're not sure about how you want your hair styled, start growing it anyway! It's easier to get it cut to length at short notice than it is to add length.


  • Find your hair and make-up dream team! Check out online supplier directories to see who is out there and be sure to check out their websites to view a portfolio of their work. Also make sure that you book your hair and makeup trial as soon as you can as good hair and makeup teams get booked out fast!

  • Get your facial on! Facials and resurfacing treatments are a great booster for luminous skin. Try them well in advance so to make sure they work well with your skin and plan another cycle closer to the big day! For cost and glow effectiveness - we recommend Reversaderm by Dr. LeWinn's which is a two week, 5-step resurfacing treatment designed to reveal your most beautiful looking skin. It is stocked at Priceline Pharmacies and many other retailers in Australia - too easy!


  • Consider your brows! They frame your face so it's important to get the shape just right. There shouldn't be any pre-wedding events taking place around this time so it is the perfect time to let your brows grow out and get them reshaped.

  • Ace your tan! If you want to look bronzed (and it's perfectly fine if you don't) a fake tan is the only safe way to do it. The only way to make sure your tan is absolutely even is by using the help of professionals. This is super important if you are wearing a low back as you will be revealing hard to fake-tan places! Unless you're a fake tan regular, chances are you'll need to try somewhere new. Start of by doing your research. Ask people you know if they have any recommendations and try the tan out as soon as you can! This way if it doesn't work out, you have plenty of time to try others.


  • Experiment with lashes! Extensions? Falsies? Au Naturel? If you're not used to wearing lashes, there is a chance that you might find them uncomfortable and the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable on your big day! The good news is, many people can get used to the feeling so if you love the big lash look, practice wearing them now. If you decide that lash extensions are the way you want to go, make a booking to get them done the week of your wedding.

  • Speaking of bookings. Now is a good time to make all of your final appointments! Think final hair cut and colour, tan, mani-pedi, brow shaping and relaxing spa if you can! Read on for our recommendations of when!

  • Get those whites pearly! You'll be smiling all day and night so you'll want it to be as beautiful and bright as ever. Book in for a professional whitening session or start using an at home treatment.


  • Remember that amazing facial treatment you experimented with few months ago? Now is the time to use it again and put your freshest face forward! Just be mindful of how your skin recovered from your last use and allow enough time for your skin to be renewed for your big day!

  • Finalise your cut and colour. It's also a good idea to bring a picture of the hairstyle you'll be wearing to the appointment so that your hairstylist can suggest a cut and colour that will compliment the style best. For example, if you're wearing your hair up or in braids, a multi-dimensional colour will really show the hairstyle off.


  • What you put inside will show on the outside, so now is the time to practise restraint! Minimise dehydrating food and drinks to keep your skin looking dewy and do your best to avoid coffee and tea to keep your smile bright!

  • Get your brows shaped to perfection for your big day. Also consider getting them tinted for a natural and full look. Just bear in mind that your brows will look quite strong for a day or so after the tint so schedule this is a few days before your big day.

  • Book in for your final spray-tan and remember to moisturise everyday to keep it looking fresh!


  • Lots of eyes (and lenses) will be focused on your shiny new ring so make sure your hands and nails are looking good! Book in for a mani-pedi or call on your bridesmaids to help you at home. Most brides choose a neutral shade for a classic look but we've seen more and more brides opt for a fun pop of colour!

  • Before you go to bed, lather your hands and feet in moisturiser and slip into mani-pedi socks and gloves. They'll work wonders while you sleep and leave your hands and feet looking soft and supple.

  • SLEEP! Stress is one of the worst things you can do for your skin and sleep is one of the best so make sure you get your 8 hours the night before! If your feeling a little bit special (and you should be!) book into a spa for massage for an ultimate relaxing treat!


  • Give your hair a good wash and use a wash out gloss treatment in the shower. Most hairstylists will need you to have freshly washed, non-styled hair the morning of but just double check with them if there are any further instructions.

  • Relax and enjoy your wedding day! There is nothing more beautiful than a happy bride!

What are you waiting for!? Get started on your beauty countdown with step one and hop in pinterest and create your inspiration board! Dr. LeWinn's and Reversaderm are giving brides the chance to win their way to a fresh face by simply creating a wedding inspiration board on Pinterest! Just make sure 'Reversaderm' in the pinboard title, and use the hashtag #mybigday to go into the draw to win a beauty consultation with a Dr. LeWinn’s skincare specialist, as well as the full Reversaderm collection for your entire bridal party! Ten runners up will receive a 2-week starter set (one cycle of treatment). So go on, make those pins count and be on your way to your best big day skin with Dr. LeWinn's! Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Enjoy your pinning and primping brides!

MW x

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