Editorial feature published in Modern Wedding Magazine Volume 70


The latest in wedding styling is all about achieving the perfect finish. Meet the freshest crop of unique, gorgeous and clever ideas ready to make your day


Take inspiration from Mother Nature and let your flowers flourish wild and free. Ask your florist to incorporate things like freesias, ferns and snapdragons that sprout and fall in all directions. Unstructured shapes add an effortless feel to flowers, which are perfect for bohemian brides, but also make a striking contrast when paired with a sophisticated theme.


Take your décor to the floor with a sprouting ‘reverse arbour’ styled from the ground up. Ask your stylist to design an arrangement around the area where you will be standing at your ceremony. This will draw your guests’ eyes from the aisle, to the altar and ultimately up to you!


We may never be royals, but it’s a style that we love! Inspired by the popular gilded crown and metallic trends, regal styling is all about adorning your wedding with a touch of noble splendour. Add just a little with golden cutlery, plates and frames that feature Baroque detailing or go all out with a triumphant display of candelabras and bold ‘Mr and Mrs’ thrones.


Mix masculinity, sophistication and style into your wedding, with a little bit of black. Steer clear of an overbearing gothic theme and instead go for an unexpected splash here and there. Get the look by layering black napkins amongst your table settings, using simple black chairs or even sleek black signage. Understated hints of noir can tie together busy looks and are always trés chic.


Reach for the heavens with lots of floaty fabric. Perfect for lo-fi and luxe brides alike, this simple styling idea can make a massive impact. Run fabric through beams at your venue or hang from the ceiling to catch soft daytime light. For something more demure, drape silk across your tables or even wrap your bouquet in long trailing ribbons. Just be sure the fabric is light to keep the aesthetic angelic.


Create ambience with a talking point by screening your favourite film on a wall of hanging fabric. Keep it classy by picking your favourite old black and white with subtitles on and sound off, so that it doesn’t interfere with conversation.


The freshest desserts are now finished with more than just a cherry on top. Macarons are filled with ice cream, fairy-floss is infused with exotic flavour and cakes, milkshakes and even coconuts are garnished with a riot of fantastical sweets.


Create #instaworthy styled spots at your wedding to keep snap happy guests entertained. Floral feature walls, floating frames and giant light-up letters are making way for the new selfie hero - the feature seat. We love swings dressed with floral garlands, ‘Mr & Mrs’ chairs and outdoor lounge areas.


Get laidback ocean luxe with the latest nautical trend that is cool, covetable and classic. Say ahoy to preppy Hamptons style! Think wicker furniture, crisp whites and sleek sailor stripes.


Lively conversation is one of the sweetest sounds you can hear at a wedding and nothing gets people talking quite like food. Serve your delicious menu with a side of chit-chat using shared plates to get your guests mixed and mingling.


Celebrate your new family name by incorporating it into your décor! Make it personal with monogrammed invitation seals, party favours, stationery and even personalised napkins. Take it to the next level by having an illustrator create a custom family crest for you. #sofancy